BISSELL Little Green 1400B Cleaner Review: The Ultimate Cleaning Solution

Maintaining a clean home is more vital than ever in today’s fast-paced world. Your living space’s cleanliness not only adds to a healthy environment, but it also makes a lasting impression on visitors. To accomplish this, you’ll need the correct cleaning tools, and the BISSELL Little Green 1400B Cleaner is here to help. In this in-depth analysis, we’ll look at the features, performance, and benefits of this extraordinary cleaning appliance.


With the BISSELL Little Green 1400B Cleaner, cleaning has never been easier or more effective. This little yet powerful machine is designed to clean a variety of surfaces, from spills and stains on carpets to upholstery and even automobile interiors. In this review, we’ll look at why this cleaner has earned the title of “ultimate cleaning solution.”

Unboxing and Assembly

Unboxing and assembly come first when you acquire your BISSELL Little Green 1400B Cleaner. You can begin your cleaning activities immediately because this procedure is simple to utilize and quick.


They sent the BISSELL Little Green 1400B in a well-organized packaging to safeguard its parts during transportation. The following items are present when you open the box:

  • The primary cleaning system
  • a tank for cleaning solutions
  • a collection vessel
  • an adaptable hose
  • an add-on tough-stain brush
  • a user guide

To avoid any damage while transportation, someone firmly packed each component in the container.


It’s simple to assemble the BISSELL Little Green 1400B and don’t call for any specialized equipment or technological know-how. Here is a detailed explanation:

Beginning by connecting the flexible hose to the cleaning unit’s front, attach the hose. A secure connection is guaranteed, as it simply snaps into place.

The cleaner has a separate cleaning solution tank that should be added. Fill it with BISSELL cleaner or a substitute for your choosing. Verify that someone firmly positioned it.

Attach the Collection Tank: The Collection Tank serves as a holding area for the wastewater and debris. At the back of the machine, it fits perfectly. Check to see that it is securely locked.

If you have difficult stains to remove, connect the tough-stain brush to the end of the hose. This attachment is ideal for tackling tough areas.

Turn on: After plugging the device into a power source, you can start using it. Since the BISSELL Little Green 1400B is made to be simple to operate, there aren’t any confusing buttons or settings.

I’m done now! Now that it has been put together, your BISSELL Little Green 1400B Cleaner is prepared for use. You may confidently and swiftly move on to cleaning a variety of surfaces thanks to its user-friendly setup and compact design.

Design and Build Quality

BISSELL Little Green 1400B Cleaner Review
BISSELL Little Green 1400B Cleaner Review

It’s important to think about the design and build quality of a cleaning device in addition to how well it cleans. This is where the BISSELL Little Green 1400B Cleaner excels, fusing durability with usefulness.

Design that is small and lightweight

The BISSELL Little Green 1400B’s tiny and lightweight design is one of its most notable qualities. Its portability makes it simple to move around your house or even take it with you when you travel to clean the inside of your automobile. This machine’s size was carefully thought out to ensure that it doesn’t require much storage space.

robust construction

The BISSELL Little Green 1400B’s construction quality is commendable despite its compact size. They made it of strong materials that can resist the strain of cleaning duties. The plastic parts are strong and long-lasting, guaranteeing longevity.

Adaptive Handle

The cleaner has a comfortable grip that improves user experience. Even during prolonged cleaning sessions, you can easily manage the cleaner thanks to the handle’s comfortable grip design. The design’s attention influences its general user-friendliness to detail.

Water Tanks that are Clear

The transparent water tanks of the BISSELL Little Green 1400B Cleaner are used to hold both the cleaning solution and the dirty water collection. Users can simply check the levels thanks to this design element. It’s a useful addition that makes sure you know when to empty the collection tank or restock the cleaning solution.

Length of Cord and Hose Storage

The power cord of this cleaner is long enough to provide ample reach without the need to switch outlets regularly. The hose also has a storage slot, which keeps it tidy when not in use.

Cleaning Performance

The effectiveness with which a cleaning appliance can clean various surfaces is a key consideration. In several cleaning situations, the BISSELL Little Green 1400B Cleaner has proven its worth. Let’s examine how it performed in particular categories.

Carpet Cleaning

Particularly when dealing with spills, pet accidents, or deeply buried grime, carpet cleaning can be a challenging chore. Because of its strong suction and unique brush attachment, the BISSELL Little Green 1400B excels at carpet cleaning.

How it Works: While using the brush to stir the fibers, the cleaner sprays a solution made of cleaning agent and water onto the carpet. This procedure successfully removes stains and filth. The strong suction then removed the unclean water, leaving your carpets cleaner and fresher.

Removal of Stains: This cleanser can remove stains from coffee spills, wine stains, and pet accidents. It can remove stubborn stains, and with a little perseverance and several passes, you can see remarkable changes.

Upholstery Cleaning

The multipurpose upholstery cleaner, BISSELL Little Green 1400B, is not just restricted to cleaning carpets. This cleaning can help you if your furniture needs to be refreshed.

Effective on Fabric: A variety of upholstery textiles, such as those used for sofas, chairs, and cushions, are ideal for its mild yet efficient cleaning action. It restores the attractiveness of your furniture by getting rid of dirt, smells, and even pet hair.

Compact form: This cleaner’s portable form makes it simple to move around your furniture and into tight spaces and crevices.

Stain Removal

The BISSELL Little Green 1400B shines when it comes to stain removal. They made it to handle both recent and deeply embedded stains with ease.

Flexible Stain Tool: The tough-stain brush attachment is an excellent tool for removing specific stains. With this attachment, you can focus the cleaning force where it is most required, whether it be on a wine stain on the carpet or coffee on your upholstery.

Deep Cleaning: they removed even tough stains from the surface thanks to the cleaning solution, brushing motion, and strong suction. The cleaner has an exceptional track record for stain removal, though results may vary depending on the type and age of the stain.

Portability and Maneuverability

The BISSELL Little Green 1400B Cleaner is the perfect option for a variety of cleaning activities around your house because it is portable and maneuverable. Here’s a closer look at its adaptability and simplicity of use.

Lightweight and small

This cleaner’s lightweight and compact form is one of its most notable qualities. They designed it with portability, mobility, and storage in mind. Its proportions are ideal so that it won’t take up too much room in your cleaning closet.

Take Handle

The BISSELL Little Green 1400B comes equipped with a handy carry handle to increase portability. You can move the cleaner easily from room to room or even to your car for on-the-go cleaning thanks to this handle’s ergonomic design, which offers a comfortable hold.

Turning Head

Any cleaning device must be maneuverable, and this one does that exceptionally well. You can easily maneuver around furniture and other obstructions thanks to its swivel head. You’ll love the flexibility it provides whether you’re cleaning carpets, upholstery, or automobile interiors.

Extended power cord

The power chord of the BISSELL Little Green 1400B is long enough to give you a good range of motion without the need for frequent power outlet swapping. This guarantees uninterrupted coverage of bigger areas.

Hose Size

A sufficient length flexible hose that attaches to the cleaning unit gives you the freedom to access places that are a little further away or in small spaces. It’s a considerate improvement that improves the cleaner’s overall maneuverability.

Water Tank and Cleaning Solution

The BISSELL Little Green 1400B Cleaner has a well-designed water tank system, which is essential to its cleaning effectiveness. They show the way it manages water and cleaning solution in more detail below.

Two-Tank System

The dual-tank arrangement in this cleaner is a wise design decision. Two different tanks make up the device: one holds clean water and cleaning solutions, and the other holds collected waste water. With this separation, you can prevent spilling contaminated water back onto your surfaces, making cleaning more efficient and hygienic.

Freshwater Tank

We should pour the water and cleaning solution mixture into the clean water tank. Its user-friendly design makes it simple to fill and secure to the cleaner. You can keep an eye on the liquid levels thanks to the tank’s transparency, which helps you determine when a refill is necessary.

Contaminated Water Collection Tank

Taking apart, emptying, and cleaning the filthy water collection tank is all quite simple. To avoid overfilling and any spillage, it contains prominent indicators showing the maximum fill level. Maintenance won’t become challenging because emptying the tank is a simple procedure.

Support for Cleaning Agents

You have the option to use other acceptable cleaning solutions if you’d rather even though the BISSELL Little Green 1400B Cleaner is compatible with BISSELL cleaning solutions. Due to its versatility, cleaning they can select solutions under individual tastes and cleaning requirements.

Shower Trigger

This cleaner has a spray trigger to regulate how much cleaning solution is used. Whether you’re attempting to remove stains from carpets or upholstery, this trigger enables you to apply the solution exactly where it is required. It is an easy-to-use feature that guarantees effective application of the cleaning agent.

Accessories and Attachments

A cleaning tool’s versatility is frequently determined by the assortment of attachments and accessories it provides. A number of helpful accessories are included with the BISSELL Little Green 1400B Cleaner to improve its cleaning capabilities. A closer look at what to anticipate is given below:

Brush for Hard Stains

A useful tool for removing specific stains is the tough-stain brush attachment. Even the toughest stains on carpets, upholstery, or other surfaces will be agitated and scrubbed away by this device. This brush can assist you in solving the issue, whether it be a coffee stain, pet mess, or red wine spill.

Crack Tool

The crevice tool is ideal for navigating difficult-to-clean, small, confined spots. This attachment works wonders for cleaning baseboards, couch cushions, and automobile interiors. No dirt or particles will escape notice thanks to its thin form.

Staining Tool, 3″

An additional helpful tool for spot cleaning is the 3-inch stain tool. It is appropriate for general stain removal because it offers a wider coverage area than the tough-stain brush. This device successfully removes dirt and stains from a variety of surfaces.

Versatile Hose

The flexible hose that is included is an essential part even if it is not an attachment, since it enables you to attach all the aforementioned accessories to the main cleaning unit. Its flexibility and length allow you to clean various locations effectively with the reach you need.

Turbo brush (Optional)

Depending on the model of the BISSELL Little Green 1400B Cleaner you purchase, you may have the option to include a Turbo brush tool. This attachment includes a motorized brush roll that agitates and pulls dirt from carpets and upholstery more vigorously. It’s a great complement to deep cleaning.

Having these accessories and attachments at your disposal greatly enhances the range of cleaning chores you may do with this cleaner. Whether you’re dealing with stains, tight places, or regular cleaning, the BISSELL Little Green 1400B has the tools you need.

Maintenance and Cleaning

BISSELL Little Green 1400B Cleaner Review
BISSELL Little Green 1400B Cleaner Review

It is critical to maintain and clean your BISSELL Little Green 1400B Cleaner on a regular basis to ensure its continuous efficiency and longevity. Here are some important maintenance activities to remember:

Emptying and Cleaning the Dirty Water Tank

It is critical to empty and clean the filthy water tank on a regular basis in order to prevent unpleasant odors and maintain suction function. Here’s how:

  • By clicking the release button, you can remove the filthy water tank.
  • Fill the tank with water and empty it into a sink or toilet. Thoroughly rinse it with warm water.
  • Allow the tank to dry fully before reconnecting it to the cleaner.

Cleaning the Tough-Stain Brush and Attachments

If you’ve been utilizing the tough-stain brush or other attachments, they will gather dirt and residue over time. To clean them, do the following:

  • Remove the hose or cleaner attachments.
  • Rinse them with warm water to remove any debris.
  • Allow them to air dry completely before reattaching them.
Cleaning the Hose

The hose can also gather dirt and debris, reducing its effectiveness. To clean the hose, do the following:

  • Remove the hose from the cleaner.
  • Flush any collected filth with warm water from the hose.
  • Allow the hose to dry completely before reattaching it.
Upkeep of the Clean Water Tank

Clean the clean water tank on a regular basis to prevent the accumulation of mineral deposits or cleaning solution residue:

  • Take away the clean water tank.
  • Warm water should be used to fully rinse it.
  • If you see any mineral deposits, you can dissolve them with a vinegar-water mixture. After that, thoroughly rinse.
  • Before refilling the tank with clean water and cleaning solution, make sure it is totally dry.

Filter inspection and replacement (if necessary)

Your BISSELL Little Green 1400B Cleaner may have filters that need to be replaced, depending on the model. For instructions on how to check, clean, or replace filters as needed, consult the user handbook.

Inspect and clean the nozzles and brush roll on a regular basis.

The nozzles and brush roll might become clogged with debris and hair, reducing effectiveness. In order to maintain the cleaner running well, inspect and clean these components on a regular basis.

You can extend the life of your BISSELL Little Green 1400B Cleaner and guarantee it continues to offer excellent cleaning results by following this maintenance and cleaning suggestions.

User-Friendly Features

The BISSELL Little Green 1400B Cleaner has a number of user-friendly features that improve the entire cleaning experience. These aspects contribute to its usability and make it a viable option for homeowners. Here are some of the most important user-friendly features:

Controls that are intuitive

The cleaner’s controls are simple to grasp, making it suitable for users of all skill levels. There are no complicated settings or buttons to learn. This ease of use ensures that you can get started cleaning right away.

Storage on the Board

The BISSELL Little Green 1400B prioritizes convenience. It has built-in storage for accessories and attachments. This means you can have all the tools you need close at hand, reducing the need to seek for them while switching attachments during cleaning.

Clear Water Tanks

Because the clean water and dirty water tanks are transparent, you can readily monitor their levels. This transparency allows you to know when it’s time to refill or empty the clean water tank. It’s a useful function that prevents interruptions while cleaning.

Quick Assembly and Setup

This cleaner’s assembly is simple and requires no special tools. You may get it ready to use in a matter of minutes, allowing you to get on with your cleaning activities as soon as possible.

Portable and light

We’ve already mentioned its tiny and lightweight design, but it bears repeating. Because of the cleaner’s portability, you can carry it around your house or even take it with you to clean the interior of your car. Its lightweight design reduces fatigue during long cleaning sessions.

Simple User Guide

The kit includes a thorough user handbook with step-by-step instructions for assembly, use, maintenance, and troubleshooting. It’s an excellent resource for getting the most out of your cleaner.

Attachments That Are Versatile

The presence of several attachments, such as the tough-stain brush and crevice tool, increases its versatility. These features make it suited for a wide range of cleaning activities, from carpets and upholstery to tight areas.

Pros and Cons

It is critical to examine the pros and disadvantages of every product before making a purchasing decision. The BISSELL Little Green 1400B Cleaner has various advantages and a few points to consider:


1. Effective Cleaning: The cleaner is highly effective at removing stains and filth from carpets, upholstery, and a variety of surfaces, making it a versatile cleaning solution.
2. Compact and portable: Its tiny size and lightweight design make it easy to move around your home or carry it with you when cleaning the interior of your automobile.
3. User-Friendly: It is user-friendly and appropriate for users of all levels of experience, with intuitive controls, transparent tanks, and on-board storage for attachments.
4. Versatile Attachments: The tough-stain brush, crevice tool, and other attachments increase adaptability, enabling you to tackle a variety of cleaning chores.
5. Dual-Tank System: The dual-tank system keeps clean and filthy water separate, allowing for more effective and sanitary cleaning.


1. Limited Water Tank Capacity: Because the clean water tank has a modest capacity, greater cleaning jobs may necessitate frequent refilling.
2. Cord Length: While the power cord is adequate for most chores, it may be too short for some users to clean larger areas.
3. Noise Level: Like many carpet cleaners, it might be a little noisy when operating, which may be an issue in noise-sensitive areas.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews offer useful information on real-world experiences with the BISSELL Little Green 1400B Cleaner. Here’s a rundown of the most common themes in customer feedback:

Positive Reactions:

  1. Many customers laud the cleaner’s ability to remove difficult stains, pet messes, and filth from carpets and upholstery.
  2. Its tiny design and portability have received favorable feedback, with customers praising its utility for spot cleaning and automobile interiors.
  3. Customers love the user-friendly design, which includes transparent water tanks, simple instructions, and on-board attachment storage.
  4. Customers comment how the bundled attachments make it appropriate for a variety of cleaning activities, which is a strong selling factor.

Negative Feedback:

  1. Some consumers believe the capacity of the clean water tank is somewhat limited, necessitating repeated refills for bigger cleaning areas.
  2. A few users have mentioned that the power cord’s length can be inconvenient when cleaning larger rooms or regions that are far from power outlets.
  3. While it is not a common complaint, a few customers have stated that the noise level during the operation can be irritating.


The BISSELL Little Green 1400B Cleaner is a versatile and effective cleaning solution for a wide range of applications. Its small size, user-friendly features, and numerous attachments make it a good choice for homes. This cleaner delivers on its promise whether you need to remove pet stains, freshen automobile interiors, or keep your home clean. While there are certain factors to consider, such as water tank capacity and cord length, the consensus among consumers is positive. With proper care and frequent maintenance, this cleaner can be a helpful addition to your cleaning arsenal, assisting you in maintaining a clean living place.

BISSELL Little Green 1400B Cleaner Review
BISSELL Little Green 1400B Cleaner Review

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can pet stains be removed with the BISSELL Little Green 1400B?
Yes, the BISSELL Little Green 1400B Cleaner gets rid of pet stains really well. With its tough-stain brush attachment and strong suction, it’s a great option for cleaning up pet messes on carpet and upholstery. It may get rid of pet-related scents and stains.

2. Can it adequately clean the inside of a car?
Yes, the BISSELL Little Green 1400B Cleaner is a good choice for cleaning inside of vehicles. You can effectively reach and clean car seats, carpets, and other surfaces thanks to its small size and adaptable attachments. It’s a sensible option for keeping the interior of your car clean.

3. After each use, how often should I clean the machine?
Cleaning the machine after I advised each usage in order to preserve optimal performance and avoid the accumulation of dirt and residue. The unclean water tank should be emptied and rinsed, the attachments should be cleaned, and all parts should be completely dry before being stored. Routine maintenance will extend your cleaner’s lifespan.

4. What kind of cleaning solution must I to employ?
While BISSELL cleaning products work with the BISSELL Little Green 1400B Cleaner, you can also use other effective carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions. Make careful to use the product as directed by the manufacturer. Use only cleaning products that are safe for the surfaces you’re cleaning and your particular cleaning demands.

5. Is there a warranty included?
Depending on where and how you purchase the BISSELL Little Green 1400B Cleaner, the warranty protection may change. The manufacturer’s website or the merchant should be consulted for the most recent warranty information. BISSELL goods typically come with warranties that offer coverage for a predetermined time.

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