Selenium-rich foods: Definition, Advantage, Disadvantage

Selenium-rich foods: Selenium-rich foods boost our health and well. A selenium-rich food is essential for everybody. It is highly nutrient. It maintains our good health and provides 25 nutrients. It plays an important role in thyroid function, Immune system support, and antioxidant support.

What Is Selenium-Rich Foods?

selenium rich foods

A selenium-rich food is a mineral that has an essential micronutrient that acts as an antioxidant, protecting cells from damage.


Selenium-rich foods play an important role in thyroid health, regulation of metabolism, and energy production. It also plays a role in boosting the immune system. Selenium-rich foods reduce chronic diseases like heart disease and cancer. It helps to support oxidative stress.

Selenium-rich foods are good for health but excessive intake can lead to hair loss. Some selenium-rich foods cause severe allergic reactions. It also interferes with medication like anticoagulants and antibiotic drugs.


Sometimes it has harmful contaminants like Mercury. Brazil nuts can cause discomfort to digestive disorders, such as sometimes disrupting thyroid function.

We can Selenium selenium-rich foods intake by different ways such as snacks, salads, sandwiches omelets, etc.

 Selenium Rich Foods Are:

Some Selenium foods are Brazil nuts, Sunflowers seeds, Tuna, Turkey, Whole grains, Spinach, Eggs, Mushrooms, Salmon, Cottage Cheese, Broccoli, Oats, Chickens, Brown rice, Avocado, Almonds, Chia Seeds, Tomatoes, Sweet potatoes, Peanut Kiwi, Carrots, etc.

selenium rich foods

We know that with a deficiency of Selenium foods, we suffer from fatigue, a weakened immune system, and thyroid problems. If we maintain of Selenium foods dose for adults is around 55 micrograms then there is no other problem.

As a Doctor, at last, we can say that selenium-rich foods lead to support our overall health. So everybody should be intake Selenium rich foods.

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