Combating the Coyote Crisis: A National Security and Drug Enforcement Challenge

Combating the Coyote Crisis:

Combating the Coyote Crisis: A National Security and Drug Enforcement Challenge. The escalating crisis at the United States-Mexico border demands urgent attention and comprehensive action. With the involvement of ruthless coyotes equipped with AR-15s, the situation has evolved into a grave national security and drug enforcement challenge. In this article, we delve into the complexities of this crisis, the dire consequences it poses, and the need for immediate solutions to protect the nation and its citizens.

Combating the Coyote Crisis:

In recent times, the United States has been grappling with an unprecedented and alarming challenge that has profound implications for its national security, immigration policies, and public welfare. To shed light on this critical issue, we are joined by Derek Maltz, a former DEA special ops division director, who offers unique insights into the escalating crisis at the border and its multifaceted ramifications.

The Menace of Coyotes Armed with AR 15s: An Unfolding Nightmare

Derek Maltz, drawing from his extensive experience, expresses deep concern about the intensifying activities of coyotes wielding AR 15s. These once-shadowy figures have now amassed staggering wealth, signaling a seismic shift in their operations. No longer mere drug traffickers, they have metamorphosed into formidable international criminals and narco terrorists. Their audacity is fueled by unlimited resources, unburdened by bureaucracy, and unshackled by fear. This evolving dynamic presents a dire challenge for the United States and demands immediate attention.

Government’s Role in Facilitating the Crisis

Maltz asserts that the crisis is exacerbated by a disturbing lack of transparency from the current administration. The Biden administration’s failure to divulge accurate “got away” statistics to the American public further muddles the understanding of the gravity of the situation. With more than 600,000 individuals having entered the country unchecked this year alone, the absence of identification and vetting of these migrants poses a potent national security risk.

A Disturbing Pattern: Neglect and Apathy

The media’s indifferent response to the unfolding humanitarian and security catastrophe is deeply troubling. Instances like migrants being subjected to extreme heat in confinement or the steady influx of Chinese nationals, including military-age individuals, have failed to prompt adequate action. Additionally, Maltz highlights the alarming collaboration between Chinese nationals and cartels, underscoring the intricate web of criminal activities that plague the nation.

Facing an Unprecedented Crisis

The current situation at the border can only be described as a state of war, albeit one that lacks acknowledgment. The severity of the crisis demands an honest and robust conversation, one that transcends political interests and focuses on safeguarding the nation’s future. The insights shared by Derek Maltz underscore the urgent need for comprehensive and decisive action.

Understanding the Coyote Threat

Coyotes, once known primarily as drug traffickers, have morphed into international criminals and narco-terrorists. Their operations have reached unprecedented levels of sophistication, backed by vast resources and a lack of bureaucratic hindrances. These criminals have shown no fear of the United States, as they continue to exploit the broken border and capitalize on the weaknesses of the system.

The Rise in “Gotaway” Numbers

One glaring issue lies in the Biden administration’s lack of transparency regarding the number of “gotaways.” These are individuals who manage to evade border security and enter the country unchecked. The absence of clear reporting and accountability makes it impossible for the American public to grasp the magnitude of the problem. Already, this year has seen over 600,000 “gotaways,” and the implications are grave, as we have no knowledge of who these people are and what potential threats they may pose.

The Consequences of Inaction

United States-Mexico
United States-Mexico

The consequences of inaction and indifference are deeply disturbing. The Biden administration’s failure to address the border crisis and the plight of illegal immigrants reflects a concerning disregard for national security. Tragic incidents, such as the migrants who perished in a hot tractor-trailer in San Antonio, highlight the urgency of this issue. The broken border is not just an immigration concern; it is a matter of life and death.

Political Motivations over National Interests

A disheartening reality is the apparent prioritization of political gain over the welfare of the country and its citizens. The lack of concern from some politicians and media figures is evident. Whether it is for votes, political leverage, or other motives, the consequences are detrimental. The border crisis has reached a point where the nation must unite to confront the challenges posed by drug trafficking, illegal immigration, and potential terrorist infiltration.

The Drug Enforcement and Border Security Standpoint

The crisis at the border is not solely an immigration issue; it is a drug enforcement and border security crisis. The inflow of narcotics into the United States is staggering, and it fuels the opioid epidemic that claims over 9,000 American lives every month. The cartels’ alliance with Chinese nationals for money laundering further complicates matters, bringing a new dimension to the already complex situation.

Acknowledging the War We Are Facing

As the crisis continues to escalate, it is essential for the nation to acknowledge that it is at war. The ongoing threat posed by narco-terrorists and criminals exploiting the porous border must be met with a unified and determined response. To address this crisis effectively, we need political will, efficient law enforcement, and robust drug enforcement policies.

  • The escalating crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border demands immediate attention and action. Coyotes armed with AR-15s have evolved into international criminals and narco-terrorists, exploiting the broken border for their sinister objectives. The Biden administration’s lack of transparency on “gotaways” and the indifference shown by some politicians and media figures only exacerbate the situation.
  • To combat this crisis effectively, we must prioritize national security and drug enforcement efforts. Acknowledging the gravity of the war we are facing is crucial to mobilize the necessary resources and cooperation. By uniting as a nation and confronting the challenges head-on, we can safeguard the country and its citizens from the threats posed by this ever-evolving crisis.
  • In the face of an escalating border crisis, it is imperative for the United States to prioritize its national security, the rule of law, and the well-being of its citizens. Derek Maltz’s expertise highlights the dire consequences of neglecting the situation and the urgent need for transparency, stringent policies, and interagency cooperation. Only through a unified and resolute effort can the nation hope to regain control over its borders and protect its values.


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